My introduction

Hello! I’m a small farmer and arborist in upstate South Carolina. I have dairy goats, sheep, chickens, and every kind of useful plant that I can possibly grow in zone 7b-8a (and many that I probably can’t grow here…). My goal is build and maintain as closed-loop and profitable agro-ecological enterprise as possible; I’ve been chugging away for almost 7 years now (mostly failing) since graduating from Clemson University. I have been in love with plants and animals (and sports, ironically) since I can remeber, and I started with bonsai at around 9-10 years old, though that practice has taken a back seat for some time now.

I am here mostly to see what other people are trying in regards to pushing plants outside their normal zones and climates, to aquire some of their plant genetics, and also to offer some of the plants I’m producing here on my farm.



Welcome Chance!


We are all trying and for those of us pushing zonal boundaries sometimes failing as well. The successes, however, are worth it.


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Since you have animals anyways are you looking to build some greenhouses? You could probably grow whatever you want if so. Do you have any microclimates like in irrigation ponds or large stone walls that could help you grow things out of your zone. Different areas will take different things and it never hurts to try as long as you don’t get too discouraged when things do not work.