My little citrus root stock grafting practice. It's alive?

A few years ago we started a seed from a Cutie orange ( I know, they aren’t supposed to have seeds, right) and it grew but hasn’t done anything great. This year I decided to try and turn it into something worth while, and I needed some grafting practice too. There were three or 4 viable branches, so I cut off three of them and cleft grafted 2 honey bells, and 1 Cara Cara. On the fourth branch I experimented with t-bud and chip bud grafting. Here’s a pic of one of the chip buds after 3 or so weeks, and it’s not pretty, but looks alive and like it’s possibly sprouting. I snapped over the branch above it for apical dominance. There are lots of grafts on this little tree, and I guess my question is, should I leave all the grafts and see if they grow, or if this bud graft does grow well, can I sacrifice everything else and just focus on the one new Cara Cara branch? Thanks, Ed