My long term goal of growing seedling Pears - survival of the fittest

Growing the best pears is not a short term process and may not be one i live to see all the way through. What i always wanted i now have which is pear seedlings growing naturally every year. These are the next generation on Kansas pears but like everyone said before me my pears are for your heirs. My goal is develop many crosses that adapt to this area on their own. Third generation seedlings would be even better. Im making incredible progress because the baby pears are popping up all over from the windfalls i leave for the animals every year. Miles away may be the soon to be discovered best pear ever planted when a racoon, possum, deer etc. deficated after eating windfalls from my orchard. My goals are not to be rich i have enough so im not developing peafs to sell, my goals are to leave behind something for generations that follow to make their lives better the way thomas jefferson and others unamed did for us by growing fruit. These are some of the new seedlings but you will need to look close in the photos. They are part improved kieffer but i wonder what pear they crossed with? The pictures below are of seedlings sprouting underneath my trees. If they live a year or two i will try and graft them and make a 3rd generation that is stronger and more adapted to cross with douglas and others such as ayer. Notice the red color to many of the seedlings leaves?