My Multi-Graft Plum

I bought a new Multi-graft plum today. It has Satsuma, Santa Rosa, and Shiro. I’ll will use it as a breeding stock for cherries. I will also graft more stone fruit scions onto it, probably pluots and Peacharine.


Where did you buy this from?

Home Depot.

Haven’t seen Home Depot in our area carry multi graft trees. Maybe this is something new for 2017 gardening season?

My home depot sold multigraft apple trees last year. Boring varieties but multigraft non the less.

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Our local Home Depot has always carried multi-grafts, some of the Multi-grafts included a Burbank Plumcot, however this year, they didn’t had any. They also had fewer varieties this year.

I wasn’t planning to buy a bare root tree from a big box store this year. I got this tree because I went to a all you can eat Sushi place. I got so full that I needed to take a walk, and Since Home Depot is a few feet across from the Sushi place, I decided to visit the garden center.


Ya shoulda known better.
This past week I went to find some 0-18-0 fertilizer and came home witth more plants than fertilizer. I successfully stayed away for a whole year. There must be a recovery group for this. AND this forum doesn’t help at all!!! Just kiddin’


We’re all just pushers of an incurable addiction, Anne


Two days ago, I placed an order for one Multi-Graft pluot and one Spice Zee nectaplum.

If the Shiro plum graft flowers this year, I will use its pollen to pollinize my Ranier Cherry and my Myrobalan x Mariposa plum hybrid.

At least they can be used as rootstocks.

Can you graft cherries onto a plum tree?

I’ve tried a few times but without success.

I have done plums onto Nanking Cherries with success, not sure if it works the other way around.

I’m thinking of getting a multi graft pluot to partner with my Nadia and Dapple dandy.which combo did you get?

The Dapple Dandy, Flavor Supreme, Flavor King, and Flavor Queen.

I also have the other combo, but the Flavor Grenade graft died.


For the average home owner, it looks like that tree would be a bust because the Shiro is already super dominating- I am sure you won’t permit it, but without vigilance it is on its way to becoming a single variety tree as everything but Shiro would be runted out. Even for your purposes it may have been better to graft off of an original Shiro for a couple of reasons- one is that Shiro is the most vigorous of the three, and it is also the most cold hardy. Plus it has the best, most spreading form.

I think Shiro may be the best plum I’ve ever grown to be the mother of a multigraft plum tree. It took me a few years to figure this out because it is not my favorite tasting J. plum. Over the last few years I’ve ordered a lot more Satsumas, but they suffer a lot of cold related cambium damage here which can be fatal and are an ugly growing tree- not always, but do tend to send out a lot of upright blind wood.

I’m actually glad that it is still hard to find real fruit tree bargains at big box stores, even if I’m not in the business of selling small fruit trees. A good bare root tree with triple the root mass as the one you bought should also give you a bit of a jump in establishment.

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