My new orchard ornament

This is the 16 compartment bird house I built finished up on the tower. It’s just up the hill from my Romance cherries, and Tripple Crown blackberry I just planted.

You can see my tag to Juliet at the base. That tag says Juliet gets to 20 brix. I didn’t know they got that sweet.


You are trying to attract birds to an area where you grow ”bird susceptible fruit”?


Looks great. I hope my bluebirds never see it because they will all migrate your way.


Hopefully it will attract only bluebirds which to my knowledge will only get insects for your plants and not the the fruit. Sometimes big bird houses in my area will attract Martins. I’m not sure what they eat beyond honeybees. Looks great


Funny you mentioned blue birds and insects. I watched today as a blue bird was perched on my orchard fence. A cicada came flying by above my trees and the blue bird attacked it in mid air. Reminded me of a raptor. Quite a site. I also witnessed a robin do the same thing abfewndays earlier.


It’s not going to make any difference on the birds. They’ll nest right next to the house if not in it. I live in the woods. I like my Phoebe’s they protect my orchard from bugs. They sit right on the posts and wait for a flying beetles or moths. They eat half my JB’s The raccoon keeps finding their nest. Last time the baby birds were ready to fly. they kept flapping their wings and standing up when mom arrived with a bug.


People here try to attract them as mosquito control. They enjoy condo birdhouse living.

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Martins fly circles above and through the trees in the evening in the fall. They eat the ant hatches but nest by the water a mile away. They’re neat to watch. They remind me of bats which we have too.

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Anything that eats J Beetles is worth have around. You have me wondering if I could attract them to my orchard.


Jb’s are real slow in the air and the bird is fast!


What is the most beneficial bird that you can have near your orchard that will protect it rather than molest it? And do certain house styles attract certain species?

They pick them off the tree leaves and off my deer fencing too.

I’d like to exchange all the robins here for some more useful birds

I’m thinking swifts and swallows would be in the running for title of “Most Beneficial”.

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On my property the Phoebe is the best. They nest like a robin. They like to nest on top of my downspout where it turns to the wall just under the eave. They keep trying to raise a brood there but the coon eats them every time! I was really hoping to get six or so sitting on my post.