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@clarkinks Checking your linked thread has been very helpful! What type of sealer did you use if you don’t mind me asking? I have been looking at the Tanglefoot Tree Wound Pruning sealer and grafting compound. Do you have any other recommensations? Again thanks for the reply and thanks to @subdood_ky_z6b for linking you :+1:


Tanglefoot or doc farwells are great Doc Farwell's Grafting Compound


Thanks, I do appreciate the recommendation :+1:


Even though I haven’t done any top working, I did have to do some wound repair on a couple of apple trees that were almost girdled by rabbits down low on the trunk and graft union last year. I used Tanglefoot Wound sealer and it seems to have worked. I got a 1 pint can from eBay for about $11.

I think I can see new bark coming up through it, though. Which is good in my opinion because I was thinking I might have to do some bridge grafting to save the tree with the worst damage. But if it’s filling in with new growth, then maybe I won’t have to do the grafts.

I don’t know if that’s what’s supposed to happen over time, what’s your opinion, @clarkinks?


@clarkinks here is a few pics of that tree up close and personal :+1:

Hope that you can identify it with these pics… :relaxed:


That does look much like a wild callery pear. I suspect its either that or hawthorne. What its not is BET , Harbin, domestic wild pear, bartlett , pear rootstock etc. . I would like additional pictures of the trunk base and more pictures of shoots. The encouraging picture is this one with the thorn

Grey small spots on the bark are good also. Take a look at this thread Wild callery pear rootstocks . Look for red leaves at the base or on the tree , small dried up pear sized fruit etc. See these thorns from the thread are wild callery thorns which are variable in severity
Thank you!


I made sure to get the pic of the thorn as there are several and they have gotten me before! I will try and get some closeups of the base and of some shoots :+1:

Thank you for the reply!


This is the hi res image of one of the first pics

Maybe you can look at the base a bit better and I do see greyish white spots on the limbs :+1:


I can also tell you that birds planted this as it is under a power line.


Here is a few more pics of the tree


But wait theres more…! I walked around my front area where the first tree was and was looking for maybe another… I found another one less than 150 ft from the other! :scream:

So, I may get the chance to top work 2 different trees. Going to look for more when I get the chance but 2 larger pears will be great fun! So hope that these are for sure callery pears and will take some grafts! @clarkinks


Looks like good grafting root-stock. It looks like the Callery seedlings growing all over my area.


This front field where these 2 trees are has overgrown some but just so many years ago I use to mow it… I am thinking of starting to clean it up again and mow around a lot of the trees that have grown up there and maybe take a few out here and there and turn that whole area into orchard! I have paths mowed in it now so I can walk around in it but I think in a years time of mowing again it can be turned into a very nice area for planting some fruit trees. It is also a much bigger area than where my orchard is now and since I have it for the most part filled up with stuff, I was planning on expanding my growing area anyways. The apple trees I may plant closer to where the ones by my driveway are but a pear orchard up there (with a few other things mixed in maybe) would be very nice :blush:


They do look very much like callery. The last couple of tests to know for sure is a photo of leaves under the tree and look for any dried up fruits. The fruits will look similar to my posts of those callery in this thread OHxF 333 Pear Rootstock?. Most callery fruit look like these


I will check them out :+1: suppose to rain the next couple days so it may be weekend before I can get back to them. Thinking I may have seen something like that on the one by the driveway before and I am sure that the leaves of it look like that. Really hope that these pan out and I can top work both of them! Thanks :blush:


@Auburn and @clarkinks Since I may be grafting to these 2 trees, what varieties might be best to graft to them? Auburn knows what type of varieties I am going to be getting and I have read that both of you use callery as rootstock and figured best to get a game plan now! Also anyone else that uses this type as rootstock is also more than welcome to chime in. I have read a lot on here about them and know for sure you both have had luck with them. Seems like I also remember reading that @39thparallel has also grafted to these :+1: Thanks for any and all input!


Yes many people, maybe even most use callery as rootstock or ohxf in this area . @Derby42 , @tonyOmahaz5, @Olpea etc. Can also give advice using these as rootstock. The callery or bet is by far the best rootstock on my property in Kansas. In nearby states of Missouri , oklahoma, and Nebraska the callery is one of the best rootstocks. This thread and others i posted explain the wild callery response to grafting very well Wild callery pear rootstocks. We have top worked hundreds of the large wild callery.


Good to know that others are using this and having great results as well! Thanks for linking others as well :+1:


There probably are a few incompatible varieties with Callery but I haven’t run across any yet. I grafted two about thirty years ago at my nephews house and they are still doing well. My most recent grafts to them have been through an unknown dwarf inter-stems. All these appear to be compatable.


Ok. So the interstem (from what I have read here) is a piece of scion that is more compatible with the root stock whilst also being compatible with what variety you are wnsting to graft but the graft scion isn’t as compatible with the rootstock. Correct? Thus making you be able to graft to a different rootstock than what normally would be compatible with it?

Thanks for the reply @Auburn :+1:

Glad to hear it is very compatible as well, I have been reading about some Asian pears not being compatible. That is why I was making sure of what might or might not work… :relaxed: