My Paradise Greenhouse Photos

These are the max/ min temps but note that the max is on a metal post in the sun.
What temp will damage figs/ citrus/ persimmon/ grape? I think i made some fig fruits abort with about 120F. (The winter minimum outside about 5F. inside got to 26F at the metal post and 29F at the citrus) I could have opened more but I am finding the boundaries etc. with the first spring for the greenhouse. The metal poles will become wood someday.

Persimmon controlled cross Prok x Szukis seeds sprouting.

Schnafs Nase standard rootstock grafts.

Some lettuce and cucumbers starting.

Sofie’s gift:

Potato Sprouting:

Himalayan pine nut tray starting to sprout.

Thermometer I leave in the mandarin since winter.

Thanks Oscar, some of your gifts are highlighted inside, others are in the ground.

I was trying some solar panel direct to DC water element heater in this blue barrel… I wasn’t too impressed but more to learn still.

Some leftover hybrid willow cuttings putting out root, need to find places for them soon.

99% Homegrown dinner besides the salt.
(Potatoes, carrots, kohl rabi, kale hybrid greens, kimchi…)

I hope you enjoyed the tour,
Thanks for visiting!


I’m jealous. I wish I could build something like that

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awesome greenhouse!

I hope all cuttings survive/root. Any that don’t i can send some more of next year :slight_smile:

Did you have a chance to try the parafilm M already? I’m curious if you like it.

btw those figs look like they’d be ready soon. Did they grow all trough the winter?

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Yeah I did try the parafilm M, it is better, stretchier but also tears a bit too soon for some grafts but not as bas as ebay green parafilm.
I am eager watching the figs. Here you see a yellow one that seems to have aborted in the hot days.

This one is a bit crazy “Morena” I can send some to you in winter. It seems to just fruit a lot so far… only had 2 ripe last fall to eat. the whiter ones are from fall and the darker green figs are fresh brebas from the last weeks growth. I suppose a month out to ripe idk…


Morena is a great cultivar.

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yea, the trick while wrapping is to stretch it halfway. And grip it close to where you want it to stretch.

When stretching you see some “lines” appear in the parafilm. If you stretch further, the lines disappear.
The stretching with lines is what i prefer. If you stretch it to it’s max and than wrap. It can brake with temp change or sun quite soon.

somewhat shows proper stretching.


Those are all heat tolerant and can probably survive 130 for a short period. Long term under 100 is better. If you are hitting 120-130 already you’d better figure out how you’re going to cool this summer.

A large exhaust fan on a thermostat with an inlet on the opposite side would be a start. One air exchange a minute will hold inside 15-20F warmer than outside. Add a wet wall opposite the exhaust fan and you can hold inside about the same as outside.


I get one fig to wilt before the rest so that is a clear indicator that it is too hot around 105F. I could keep it cooler but the thing is that the wife really likes the hot temps and sun tanning… It is a challenge to convince her of things that conflict with sun tanning.

These high temps happened on days where i left the main doors shut with almost full sun. We have a relatively weak sun here at 51 degrees north. I sealed up some holes since last summer but it did fine last summer with the doors open… maxing around 100F, I do want to make an exhaust running into the upper back wall and make a dehydrator cabinet with the exhaust fan once i get that construction fully decided on…
Then i can dry a lot more of the summer crops :smiley:

I might have to build another greenhouse where I put up a sign, no sun tanning allowed. hahaha maybe.