My pear collection

Wow! I’m happy you can grow all these pears.

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Thanks a lot Richard! I’m happy too, they should be great! :blush:

Qual a variedade de pera com carne vermelha que considera de melhor qualidade?

Pear scions 2024: (28)

Atlantic Queen, Ayers, Bella Di Giugno, Blake’s Pride, Crisp N Sweet, Dana Hovey, Flemish Beauty, Forelle, Gourmet, Green Jade, Harrow Delight, Honeysweet, Hong Yiungli, Jumbo, Luscious, Magness, Orient, Potomac, Red Anjou, Rogue Red, Seigyoku, Seckel Giant, Shenandoah, Snij, Stacyville, Summercrisp, Sunrise, Warren.

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I noticed that you picked Rocha on August 10. Do you refrigerate them prior to ripening? I’ve read that they are used as a winter pear but wonder if they will ripen earlier to good quality. I have a nice tree but it had a significant fire blight strike in 2022. I have a much smaller tree now!

You have a lot of varieties that I know nothing about.

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Hi. This summer was very dry and hot. We got 7 heat waves and a huge drought. All fruits matured very early. Usually rocha pear is picked on beginning of September. You can pick them more green and conserve them on cold or let them mature to eat on that time.