My pear harvest

I completed my big pear harvest today. A whopping total of 7 pears! Eat your heart out @clarkinks! Hahaha! Total lack of winter chill lead to very little blooms and what few set were mostly consumed by the squirrels of course. I even used Mr. Clint style metal mesh bags and they still were able to claw on them and dislodge lots of them through the bags. Back to the drawing board. I do think Dabney under better circumstances may be a winner. It has actually bloomed and fruited pretty well inspite of noooo winter chill the last two years. The squirells are just getting them before I can. I was able to get three Dabney and two Magness. I’ll let you know what they taste like. Wish I was able to report more success but I guess this is part of the game.



I won’t do much better this year but I have enough trees it may still be enough.


Let Magness sit in the fridge at least a couple nights. Then at least another day sitting on the counter. This helps develop the best flavor and texture. They are at their best when the very top of the pear (near the stem end) yields to thumb pressure. Enjoy! It’s one of the best!


I’ll keep it in the fridge for a few weeks then let it sit at room temperature until it softens. Yes I am looking forward to seeing how this one turns out. I hope some day to have land to grow pears on again were I can better deal with the squirels! I’m very jealous of Clark!


I picked my Seckels yesterday, altho it seems like it’s too early.

Got about 6 dozen

The squirrels didn’t seem interested in them, and the tree was entirely unprotected. I’ll let them have the Kieffers