My persimmon collection

Some of my pers. collection are the ones that i am fond-off. These ones that i have multiples-off, all others will be topwork.

Giombo, R.B, Sayo, K.B.S,



Nice :).
I have two different variety of kaki but this year only one tree have fruits other one is small graft, and this year all fruits fallen off from that small grafted branch.

Those are really nice persimmons. Too bad I live at zone 5b/6a, hard to grow kaki persimmons.

Very nice! What varieties are the dark red ones? And which one is your favorite?

It is really a tosh-up between them, Giombo is an all time favorite for taste and size but it is a little finicky growing. If the tree is large the fruits ten to be large too.As far as size it is the largest that i know of.
R.B is a close second and Sayo is my wife favorite.

Roya Brill…


Is Sayo a different variety from Saijo? I could not find Sayo when I tried to look it up.

I guess it is just a misspelling on my part,i am not good in remembering names.

Good news for me then. It is the only scionwood I grafted on my Nikita’s Gift that took.

Thanks for sharing the pic and your comments on those varieties.

Very nice! What is K.B.S.?

Kiung sun bansi very sweet , tree needs a bit more of manganese and potash to stop fruit drop to some extent. I feed them with Peters MOST twice after bloom.
Roya B. is the most productive tree that i know of. You can ruin a tree with to much fruit when they are still small.

will you have a spare scion of Roya B and Kiung sun bansi you can spare? I’d love to trade you something for 1 of each or buy 1 of each from you.

Edible, yes i can send you sionwood around the end of January Let me know then…

Thank you so much I’ll be sure to message you then.

I have picked up fruits from my kaki tree today, and in this video you can see fruits.



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