My persimmon grafts 2021


Looks like you’ve been busy. I hope you will post updates when growth starts pushing. I’m trying to observe others to improve my techniques. You are warmer than my location but in the past I’ve waited a good bit later to graft, usually when I’ve already got small leaves pushing on the rootstock in May. I will be interested to see your results. Hope they do well for you.


Bark grafting persimmons is the way to go. Looking good!


I don’t know what I’m doing. Maybe to early. But I’ve got more to go so spreading my bets

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Looking at the pictures, I think it might be too early. But hopefully they’ll be fine!


Spreading your bets is smart. Many of my successes in life are the result of trying something…that later on I learned should not have worked! I’m growing a black mulberry because I didn’t know they’re considered too disease prone to grow here. Apparently it doesn’t know it either because 10 yrs later it’s still growing and fruiting great.


This is what I got this week. Bark is slipping

Better weather than where I’m at! I usually wait until growth starts on the rootstock a couple inches. However, I’m no expert.

What zone are you

Where’s “here” for you?

Zone 7b Alabama, east of Birmingham.

Hachiya taking off

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Very nice!

Well those who said I was too early were right. Looks like half of the barkgrafts I did took. Even thought early. None of the rest look likely

However of the ones I’ve done in last 2 weeks looks like 100%!

I’ll post pics on 2021 grafting threAd later

T8ming matters! Glad I spread my bets


I have best luck with persimmon grafts from the time shoots start to grow … through when the leafs are a few inches long .
Beter results toward the latter .
But most importantly a warm forcast . In the 70s- 80s which can be hard to find that window some springs.
I keep bench grafts inside at 70-80 F until they start to push growth.


I had that last 10 days. Now 40 at night and 60s at day for a week. Hope that does set me back

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It takes ~ 2 weeks at 70-80F to heal , so hopefully yours have mostly healed , or at least started to .
Good luck,
Some years better than others …

So if started to I wonder if it will just pick up where left off once gets warmer

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I’ve had good success grafting in late June and even early July in PA. The grafts took as long as the bark was still slipping. You are so right about better results when the rootstocks are well leafed out.


Hopefully June is April in Texas compared to PA😊