My Petal Fall Recipe

This is my first year trying real spraying of my fruit trees.

How does this recipe look for my first After Petal Fall spraying? I will use this on Apples, Pears, peaches, plums mainly for now.

Surround - 3 cups
Spinosad - 4 tablspoons
Dish Soap - 1 tablesoon
Sulphor - 4 tablesoons
Dipel DF BT - Tablespon

PS. I live in Central Kentucky where summers can get hot and humid. I moved to my home two years, where there were a few mature apple trees and peach and one plum. After moving I planted a bunch of two year old size apples, pears, peaches, etc that I am wanting to protect from previous existing disease and insect problems like OFM. The apples on my two mature trees were deformed in shape, I don’t know what that is. Stinkbugs are clearly around.