My plumcot

Here’s my proprietary plumcot, a cross between a Myrobalan plum, seed parent, x F1 Moorpark apricot pollen parent. Next step is to cross it back to a plum; and with cherry.

My question for you all, what would would be your dream plum x apricot and plum x apricot x cherry hybrid?

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One with fruit.


Now that really made me laugh out loud


I would like a 2" fruit with all Bing cherry taste that is disease resistant and thrives in my location. Oh yes, can I have it tomorrow. Good luck on your new plants. Bill

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! lol.

It will happen very soon! And I’ve already chosen the cherry that will pass those traits to my future plum x cherry hybrids.

I will call my plum x cherry hybrids “Plumerries,” and my plum x cherry x apricot hybrids " pluerrycots."

I will also cross my plumcot with a peach and I will call them “Peaplumcot.”

I might release a few Chocolate Jewel Plum scions this year to some of you—due to limited its suply. Chocolate Jewel Plum is a cross between a Mariposa plum, seed parent, x Krauter Vesuvious Myrobalan Plum, pollen parent. The tree has fiery red leaves during Spring and Mahogany leaves during Summer.

One that ripens while still green, like an Oullins plum, to defy the birds. Then you can breed a cherry like that.

I am sick of all the deep red color being bred into the skin of peaches and nectarines. People notice them on store shelves but so do birds flying over trees filled with them.

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I was also going to suggest Bing crossed with a Moorpark and a Toka or a Waneta. …and now I am salivating.

One that can be stored for several months and is still firm and juicy.