My potted peach tree is not doing well

Hello all:

Up to now, my 4 potted peach trees were fine but since 2 weeks ago one of them has began to appear sick. I only give them light fertilization (early June) and diluted manure compost tea (once a moth). If someone can identify the problem I will work on the solutions!

Many thanks in advance!


The second tree could have Spider mites.Inspecting the undersides of the leaves,with a magnifier should eliminate or confirm that.

Marc, how old are they? Also are they in a greenhouse? What is your current outdoor temperature during the day? Last question…no fruit?


Today is honey berry picking day so not much time to be online. They are 6 years old. Yes, greenhouse from April 1 to early October then heated shed. Very fluctuating. Sometimes 21, sometime 24 and sometime 17 C. Very small fruits were visible some weeks ago but the tree is thinning them dangerously fast… Marc

Thanks for the information. Lets ask @Olpea and @Mamuang, particularly @Olpea our Peach Guru!



What’s really strange is that in the top picture, it looks like the peach tree aborted part of its foliage. Generally that’s indicative of either canker or virus. Possibly a soil born pathogen.

Are there any cankers or weeping areas on the bark which are oozing any sap? If there are no cankers, then I’m guessing it’s either X disease, or possibly a soil borne pathogen.

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Thank you for replying Olpea!

Hi everyone;

I do not see anything on the bark:

Photos dont’t give the entire picture but a close visual inspection of the bark of the 3 peach and 1 nectarine trees shows nothing in particular…

P.S. i can confirm that all fruitlets are on the ground of the greenhouse so nothing this year! Just hoping not to put them in palliative medicine or the garbage bin…

Thanks for for imput!


I looked up x-disease and don’t think @Shabou ’s peach trees exhibiting symptom matching the disease.

However, it is never good to have dead branches among good ones. You should remove those dead branches do an autopsy. Any holes along the branches, what the wood of the cross cut looks like, etc.

Have you checked for spider mites on the other tree like @Bradybb Brady suggested. Growing trees in a green house has its own challenges.

Hi Mamuang:

I will check the cambium tomorrow morning but there is a big chance that those branches are dead… All the 3 remaining trees are infected now. I have sprayed neem oil and will check everyday the state of the peach & nectarine trees. Their neighbours, Physalis Peruviana are under attack from Acalymma Vittata (cucumber beetles). Not a fun time…

I believe I will stick to fig trees. They are soooooo easy to care for in a greenhouse, at least for me. Thanks!


Hi Tippy,

I know many times the disease is described as a sort of shot hole appearance on the leaves, but sometimes the disease manifests differently. I was thinking this is possibly the case since the tree is in a greenhouse.

Here is a pic of X disease on a peach

That said, of course I’m not at all certain is X disease, but I thought it a possibility, since X disease just affects different branches at first.

Now that Marc has indicated the other trees are showing symptoms, I’m not sure. I wouldn’t expect X disease to spread that fast.

Marc, is it possible you are over watering the peach trees?

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I found this article on x-disease. Very informative. Now I am inclined to think that you are correct. The disease can be spread by insect vectors. The article was about the disease in CT, too close for comfort to me, yikes!!
Management of X-Disease of Stone Fruits.

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Hi Mamuang;

We have a drop by drop(?) irrigation system in the greenhouse so over watering is a strong possibility. The system is supposed to deliver 1 Lt per hour so I chose 40 minutes of water delivery. But Before we connected the water irrigation system I watered the fruit tress by hand. During 1 month. Maybe I over did it???

All my potted fruit trees are in Rootmaker 5 G round pot. Those pots have holes on the side and are supposed to let surplus(?) water out. Do you believe I should aim for less time?



If you are watering every day, I would strongly suspect you are over watering. Peaches require a surprisingly small amount of water.

@fruitnut successfully grows peaches in a greenhouse. Perhaps he will chime in. But I’m certain he doesn’t water daily.


Hope you can correct the watering situation. Let us know what do you find when you removed those dead branches.

Hi Mamuang & Olpea:

Just finished the necropsy 10 minutes ago. I did a convincing Quincy I believe… Found nothing out of the ordinary from those two dead branch of the peach tree: no hole, no tunnel, do discoloration inside/outside, no dead bugs or larva or eggs. Did not take photo. So the final report is: death by drowning.

I did an experiment with the dripping water system and the results are a bit frightening but at least it can be changed rapidly, hoping the situation will be normal again…

The water system gives 5 cups or water for 40 minutes of operation. I have already cut irrigation to 20 minutes for about 2.5 cups for 20 minutes. Do knowing persons believe it’s enough because it can get very hot (45 C) in July/August even with both greenhouse side panels fully opened.

Warm thanks for you inputs!


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