My proprietary Red Sunset Gardenberry

I finally picked my Redsunset Gardenberries from my garden. They are a Myrobalan Plum x Unknown pollen cross.


They look tasty!

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I hand-pollinated a couple of Gardenberry flowers with my proprietary peach x almond hybrid pollen. So tomorrow, I will start the stratification process; and when the seeds germinate, some seedlings will have 50% plum, 25 % peach , and 25% almond in their parentage.


What is the goal of your breeding? Just to see what comes out the other end?

They look like Nadia cherries. It will be interesting to pollinate them with cherry pollen.

Just to see what a three-way hybrid looks like and I want to create drought tolerant rootstocks.

Since the cherries bloom three weeks after my gardenberry, I will save Gardenberry pollen in the fridge, and when the cherries bloom, I will do hand-pollination.

Are the gardenberries good for fresh eating or are you strictly growing them for your breading projects?

They probably be great for jams.

This is my F2 Myrobalan seedling. It originated from my proprietary Gardenberry plum, seed parent, x Unknown pollen. Gardenberry plum originated from Krauter Vesuvious Myrobalan plum, seed parent, x unknown pollen.

Does it looks like an apricot x plum hybrid, or a little bit like a plum x cherry hybrid?


The stems in the hybrid that I am growing are red, apricot like. The leaf texture is apricot like, but the shape is sort of plum like, more spear shaped. Here are my calculated percentages of each fruit within the hybrid: plum 37.5%, cherry 37.5%, apricot 25%. The serrated edges in the newer leaves are now less noticeable. Click on the photo to zoom in.


2018 crop.


What’s the taste?

They look lovely!

I am also curious about the taste.

What variety is it?


It’s part sweet, part acidic.

It originated from Krauter Vesuvious Myrobalan plum, seed parent, x Unknown pollen.

Plummy, then?


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