My "Romance series" cherries


But you have to drink the Carlo Rossi to get an empty one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha, that’s the toughest part! I try to get empties from neighbors.


I like it, should have thought of that, lol.


I’ve been watching my recently planted romance bushes start to leaf out nicely. It was interesting to me that the two smallest little 12 inch branches that were the crimson passion from Honeyberry USA actually have the most leaf growth of all four varieties that I planted. I was very surprised, though, to see that the Romeo looks to have what look like little flower buds developing (to my very untrained eye).

. I see lots of buds opening in leaves, but some of these look like tiny little flower buds.


Yes, my little Romeo has a lot of flower buds too.


Annie, it is probable that your smaller plants have a higher root mass to branch ratio so they are actually pushing more fluids/nutrients to the flower buds than the larger plants are at this point. If all other variables are equal between the plants.


Yes, those are typical Romance series flower buds.
My tree is just starting to flower. Behind the sweets, and stone fruit which is in full bloom right now.


My Lapins is yet to open a flower. I was looking last year on this date i was in full bloom…so i’m a good week behind last year.

Peaches/Nectarines (potted/in ground) are now just flowering up here. Arctic Star, Rose and Glo are loaded with blooms that just opened today.


Carmine Jewel is just opening for me. First year in ground. It should produce a ton next year.


Thank you. I was just surprised as I really didn’t expect any flowers the first year. Surely my Romeo won’t fruit!? Also, I have never grown sour (or any!!) cherries but the wild black cherries around here and the flowering ornamentals are all bloomed already and dropping petals or already having small green fruits. But maybe these are always on the later side, or maybe it’s just because they have been in the ground less than a month and are trying to catch up.


No it probably won’t. Often the flowers drop the first couple years on many fruit trees. One never knows though, it could go either way.


I planted 4 Romance cherries in 2011 and they have flowered every year but only fruited heavily for the first time in 2016. If you go to the very first page of this long thread I posted pics of my Juliet and Romeo bushes in May 2015, at about 5 or 5.5 feet tall and loaded in flowers, and those bushes each ended up only producing a handful of fruit that summer. Really have to be patient with these.


This is a Carmine Jewel today and the second pic has Juliet showing leaves starting to grow.I need to find a place for her.
Drew,wasn’t one of your Cherries in a container for awhile and fruiting? Brady


My Crimson Passion is blooming today, in the rain and gloom.

Drew kindly gifted me with his potted Carmine Jewel (thanks again!!) but it’s not yet opened any buds.



Does anyone know of the approx chill hours of these?


Yea, I just put it in the ground last fall, it produced well in a container. I gave my second Carmine Jewel to Chills, both fruited last year. I added Juliet this year, and had it in a container a month while I waited for better planting conditions. I want maximum production eventually so put them in the ground.

Well hopefully it will. It should be starting to flower.


My Lapins is blooming for the first time this year. Quite a few blooms. How do they taste?


Lapin’s is an excellent cherry. A lot of timees cherries sold as Bing in stores are actually lapin’s.


Very good…they get very big. Brown rot control///bird protection is a must around here.


So I have a Lapins that looks like it will have a lot of blossoms finally after many years. I sprayed it with Lime/Sulfur plus canola oil spray last week. I have copper spray on hand, but due to sprayer malfunction, I was delayed, so that didn’t get done. I assume it is too late for that now, since they will be blossoming in another week or two. So what is the procedure for preventing brown rot and when do I do it? I am trying to stay as organic as possible, but realize that is not always possible. I live near St. Paul in Wisconsin.