My "Romance series" cherries


I did tonite with some permethrin… i’ll just thin out the bad ones. My Evans cherry use to get hammered by PC…one reason i removed it. Its strange…because they don’t seem to bother my sweet cherry as much as the sours…my Lapins cherries are getting good sized and no hits yet.


Thanks for the reminder about PC spraying, my dads superior plum got hammered last year. Petals fell from it about a week ago, hopefully not too late… Anyone use malathion against PC?


Yeah, it’s labeled for use against PC. I’m not sure how well it works? I use other products in a season too.


Even cutting the tops all branches down a lot my Carmine Jewel Cherry still has some Firelight problem. What should I do now?


I’m tasting my first crop of CJ and I have to say they’re very nice. I know I should let them hang a bit longer, but with this small first crop and me and my family tasting one every time we walk by they won’t last long. Tart, but pretty darn good.

I am amazed how early they are (I’m 7A outside DC), which is great and I’m even more amazed the birds haven’t stolen them yet. I saw them going red and kept saying to myself I need to get a net on them, but just didn’t get to it. We’re having a mini brood of Cicadas here and I’m wondering if they birds are just bloated on those or if maybe the little twigs of the CJs branches make it hard for them to land and grab the fruit.

Either way, I’m glad to get a taste and see that they’ll work here. I have 3 bushes, so maybe next year I’ll get enough between them for a pie… and then someday 50+lbs of cherries between them!


This is very sad. I would remove all wilted parts as they are gates of the infection and spray with antifungal. May be you can try Bonide Infuse, which should have some systemic action against brown rot. I did not try it yet, but I am going to. I sprayed with copper and sulfur and it helped to some degree, but did not cure all of it. My Carmine Jewel scion died completely, it seemed less resistant then the other varieties.


Thank you Maria.
I will find some things to buy in Lowes to spay for the problem soon.


Has that positively been identified as fireblight?My Carmine Jewel has suffered,because of all the rain we’ve had this Spring and could be infected with a fungus,but am not sure what. Brady


I thought so to! Once larger they produce too. I added Juliet this year. With two i should have all the tart cherries I can handle. I have a large crop of White Gold Sweet too. It’s too bad these plants don’t work all over as well as they do here. I’m not having any issues with the trees. Mine is loaded, but is a few weeks away from being ripe. I made a PVC cage with netting that fits over it perfectly. I have to put it back together though! It should be fairly easy, I hope!


I thought fireblight was limited to just pome fruits, like apples and pears. Is there another FB for tart cherries?


I just see a couple wilted branches, not the scorched appearance typical of fireblight. Are you certain that is fireblight?


Hi Don and Brady.
I don’t really know exactly what problem is, it’s just happened like in the pictures with some of my fruit trees including Romeo, Nadia, Superior plum, Toka plum, Frost peach… Nadia and Toka getting better now. I didn’t spray any thing yet because all them have some little fruits set. The weather getting warmer and more sunny. I hope all them will get better without spraying chemicals. Tell me what you think or any opinions for the problem. Thank you.


many fungi can infect cherries, here silver leaf occurs in the winter. Some info from a UK site.

Silver leaf (Chondrostereum purpureum) is a fungal disease which attacks a wide range of deciduous trees and shrubs, however Prunus species are particularly susceptible to it. The fruiting bodies of the fungus produce spores which are carried by wind and infect trees and shrubs through wounds, mainly caused by pruning.

The fungus produces most of its infectious spores in autumn and winter where drizzly, rainy, foggy or humid days with no wind or sun provide the perfect conditions for spore release and infection. By pruning susceptible species at this time, you will open up wounds which will be slower to heal as the tree is in its dormant stage and will provide an entry point for infection.

Once infected, the characteristic symptom of silver leaf disease is a silvery sheen on the foliage. This is caused by the fungal toxins in the sap stream being transported to the leaves and causing the leaf tissue to separate, giving the leaf a silvery appearance. Symptoms can develop throughout the whole tree or on just a few branches depending on the point of infection, however, once branches die, fruiting bodies grow on the dead wood and the cycle starts again. When branches are cut across, an irregular, dark stain may also be observed in the centre.


Here is a recent thread,that may give some insight. Brady


I looked up info about cherry tree problems that Washington State U. published. The closest thing you have is brown rot blossom blight.

Fire blight does not affect cherry but blossom blight does. However, if the wilting affects plums and peaches, too, those could be other issues or weather and/or temp related problems.


True, but they can get BRBB too? I not positive? That probably is the issue, at least most likely because of the other fruit being infected too, or as been in the past.


It should have made it clearer that I think it is brown rot blossom blight in the first two pics Vincent posted.

I don’t think peaches get blossom blight but they sure do have brown rot.


I agree, it looks like brown rot to me. I see some splotches of brown on some leaves and stems. It should self-limit once the weather dries out, or spray Monterey Fungi-Fighter on it. I tend to get it worst on apricots. This year Sukphany had it badly and it was also too crowded, so I decided to remove it.


I’m not sure there is fireblight on the wet side of the PNW, at least not much. I would look into other issues.
JohN S


Thank you so much to all of you tried to help.
Some of my fruit trees getting better specially Nadia still have 10 fruits left. But my Harglow Apricot died, Frost peach and Hardired nectarine almost die. Hopefully my Carmine and Romeo be OK. I gave up on Harglow and Hardired and just replaced new Frost peach only. I think this is a very contagious virus due to cold and extremely wet weather. This year we hit the record in 30 years long and wet winter. Good news is more dry and warm sunny days coming. I decided do not use any chemical for now and will update situation later. Thanks all.