My Satsuma Dandy

For a long time I thought this is going to be nothing, but imagine my surprise, this hybrid (pollen Satsuma) x Dapple Dandy grew in four years out to this beautiful copy.
Fruit is far from ripe, but my desire to look inside was too big.


Wow, looks gorgeous! Please follow up with taste impressions when they come in.

Wow, that is very pretty, and how funny that they are SO yellow! Can’t wait to hear how they taste!

Dapple Dandy pluot is 75% plum, 25% apricot, thereby, your hybrid is 87.50% plum, 12.50% apricot.

Next year, I will be crossing Dapple Dandy with my peacharine.

This sounds fun, I will cross Flavor King with Beauty plum and Flavor Supreme with Beauty plum. Satsuma with FK, and FS. Just have to wait about 4 years or so to taste the fruits.


I hope it works the other way too as I needed pollen for my satsuma!