My small fruit tree orchard


My tropical corner… :grin:


Sunflower pawpaw looking good! :star_struck:


Musa Robusta

Musa Dajiao

Musa Rajapuri

Dwarf Orinoco

Mago Haden



How many acreage of land do you grow with all the tropical fruits?


Hello my friend! Well all the terrain with construction area included is 3.100 square meters…



Future bird house…


Everything looks great @Luisport Most of the things you grow I have never even heard of though :grin: A very neat learning experience though :+1:


Thank you my friend! Yes, i like to grow diferent fruits and vegetables. :smile:


May is here so favas (broad bean) are arriving! :yum:


Yum! I didn’t get a chance to plant mine this year. Enjoy yours!


Thank you my friend! We will eat them with pork on lunch… :yum:


This was my lunch… favas with pork! :yum:


Pawpaw fruitlets…


Jonagold apple flowers



Inga Vulpina flowers just start to open! :star_struck:


That name is a anagram for something! Do you eat this? whats it like? Always love your unique and cool flowers and fruit buddy


Thank you my friend! This is the first time i see this flowers open!
Yes i eat them! I like them a lot. It’s like a juicy sweet and floral cotton candy! Yummy!!! :yum:
The next photos are from last year… this is the Inga Vulpina fruit…

The green thing are the seeds… supposedly not edible but i eat them and still here… :wink:


Hahahaha, I would listen to the Amazonians on what to eat Luis but your adventurous so good on ya. Very interesting it sounds really good i will have to try it if i ever find one and i love the little wasp on your flowers!


If you want i can send you two pods when they get matured… just remember me when i have them.