My small fruit tree orchard


Some old photos to start my first thread…

Some landscape… ;D

Any other Citrus fanatics here?
Tropical fruits

My first Buddha Hand Lemon. I did it a bit earlier because we have big frosts every day…

Big frosts here now…


Great yard; love the fence; I think it’s so cool to see a fig as a tree.

That’s a great yard because it’s not flat.

Scenery is impressive.



Good looking area,Luis.What are some of the trees that are growing?bb


What a nice space to plant in.


Some photos from last summer…

My Sunflower Pawpaw trees. They are big but no fruits yet…

My dioscorea alatas on pots…


Bahia orange trees

Moro orange tree

Valencia orange tree


Bergamot Fantastico

Grapefruit from Corsega


Cara Cara orange tree

Sanguinello orange tree


Several Fingerlime trees (green, red, rose and yellow pulp)


Other colours

Combava lime tree

My two Jujube trees Li and Lang

My seedless che tree and fruits


Some araça trees

Tamarillo trees with flowers for first time

Punica granatum


Sete Capotes


Jaboticaba de Cabinho

My banana trees on pots… for now!

Some apples

Some Persimmons…

Fuyu Persimmon


Some more photos of my plants…

My sete capotes plant, flower and fruit

My araçá do campo with red fruits

My ugni mollinae plant and fruits

My Myrtus communis plant with fruits


Some fruits on my citrus trees…

Sanguinello orange

Budha hand

Corsega grapefruit

Minneola tangelo

Some finger limes… the green one is Fausterime

Today i start to harvest my myrtus tree to make liquor…


And now some harvest…

New finger lime fruits, red and rose… ;D

My tropical look fruit bowl ;D

Some feijoa, araça do campo, araça roxo and tamarillo…

Some walnuts and hazelnuts from this year…


Thank you very much! :smiley:


Thank’s! :grin:


You have two different cultivars of pawpaws or combinations of seedling(s) and a graft I hope? Gotta for pollination or you’re never going to get any fruit.



Those on the photo are the auto-fertile sunflower. The others are on groups and are grafted small trees.


Thanks for that. I totally forgot.



Very beautiful! I loved the photos. Do you remember how long it took for the ugni to start fruiting? I am very impatient to try mine :slight_smile: