My small fruit tree orchard


That’s good to know people like it! I have many plants and trees that i didn’t take pics yet… like jambolan, inga vulpina, guamuchil, etc…
Ugni is fast to get fruits. They are tiny delicious berries!


Some of my citrus trees today…

Bahia orange tree

Sanguinello orange tree

Corsega grapefruit

Lemon tree


I just bought some nashi pears, 1 olympic, one niitaka, and one chojuro. Already have two nijiseiki and will buy 1 shinseiki and one arirang… :sweat_smile:


I’m so jealous (Beautiful orchard, incredible scenery, terracotta roof)…Living in a Mediterranean climate, is there any fruit you cannot grow?


Thank you for your nice words! Yes, i can’t grow tropical fruits, just sub-tropical ones. But i can’t complaine about my climate… it’s a great place to live. A bit cold on winter and hot in summer. :smiley:


Seeing your posts made me think that maybe this forum could use one more category…House swapping for fruit tree enthusiasts that wish to go on vacation. My wife was planning to offer our house to a friend so we could travel for five weeks. He hasn’t a clue as to gardening, so I was quite hesitant to leave my plants for that length of time. But I would totally trust most forum members…at least they care.


Well i live in a turistic place that is Fátima, one of the holy places to Catholic Church… but i think my wife will not like that idea, but i think it’s a great idea to discuss! Of course i don’t mind to show my orchard to forum friends…


Most of my temperate fruit trees on full bloom…
PS: Please don’t troll me about the grass… i know i have to cut it! ;D

Baya Marisa apple

Apistar apple


Quince trees and vines


Portugal is looking better all the


Thank’s! I will post more pics…


What’s on the vines?


The side on photo have wine grape vines and the other side have table vines…


Black Pakistan mulbery

Nijiseiki nashi pear

Service berry


Some landscape photos


Prunus cerasus

Avocado bacon

Pawpaw sunflower


saharanpur white mulberry

Supernova almond

Goumi in flower

Solanum sisymbriifolium


Baya Marisa red apple flowers


My first Moro orange flower


Your fruit and trees all look nice and healthy.


Thank’s! :grin: