My small fruit tree orchard


Fragola orange tree

Moro orange

Lemon tree

Sanguinello orange


Saharanpur white mulberry


Really nice!


Thank’s! :smiley:


Looks tasty!


Bamboo shoots season is starting! We eat them raw on morning juice, on wook with other vegetables and on soup. We love them!


I have lways been told not to eat raw bamboo shoots. I’ve eaten more bamboo shoots than I could count but all were cooked. I love fresh bamboo shoots. When I say fresh bamboo shoots, I mean fresh as opposite to canned ones but never raw.


But we eat them for years on juice and we are great… :sweat_smile:


Why you say they can’t be eaten raw? What the problems i can get? Thank’s!


Read the link I attached in the last post for more detail or you can google “eating raw bamboo”.

Raw bamboo contains toxin that produces cyanide in the gut. My guess is the amount of cyanide produced is not strong enough to kill but could make some people sick.


Ok, thank you very much! I eat it for several years and never got sick or bad disposed, but i will pay attention now on.


We cook raw bamboo shoots by boiling them. Some people throw away first batch of water, some don’t. I have done both.


You have great varieties! Very nice!


Thank’s! And i will have more this year… :grin:


And now i got two very rare japanese citrus, at least in Europe! I got one Haruka and two Ōgonkan (citrus flaviculpus) plants!
I already have two Sudashi and two Kito yuzu! :yum:


Very nice orchard!


Thank you very much! :smiley:







My bigest sunflower pawpaw tree, fruiting for the first time!


Lemon tree

Setúbal clementine

Moro orange

Fragola orange

Sanguinello orange