My small fruit tree orchard


Baya marisa red flesh apple fruits

Red flesh peaches

First feijoa flowers of the year opening


When you said red peach, do you mean the flesh is red or the skin is red?


Hi! Sorry i wasn’t very clear… it’s red flesh! :yum:


Red flesh like Arctic Glo nectarine ( peach’s cousin) or totally red flesh? How does it taste? I love to grow red flesh peaches that taste good. :smile:


Artic glo is a nectarine… this is a sanguineo peach tree with red leaves and fruits with red flesh. Yes they are Yummy! :grin:


I tried grafting Sanguine peaches a few times but no luck yet.

Peaches and nectarines are pretty closely related.


I can graft a nectarine on peach tree? I will get scions of spicezee next year, so i nead to kow… Thank’s!


I gave you my Black Boy scion. They are very good!


Generally speaking it should work. However, my experience tells me : Not always.

I grafted two grafts of nectarine (Arctic Star) on a peach tree. The first two years it worked well. Then, the 3rd year, it showed signs of delayed incompatibility. Now one graft was dead, the other is dying.

I grafted several peaches on a nectarine tree. So far, none of them shows any sign of incompatible (yet).

So, my experience told me that grafting nectarines on a peach tree - not working long term.


Mrs. G.,
Giving me peach scion is like gambling. The graft may take or it may not.

I thought it’s worked but I don’t know for sure which graft is Black Boy. The wind blew several tags off the tree. Does Black Boy have showy flowers?


Very, and bright to deep pink. The stem is very dark as are the leaves.


I believe that nectarines and peaches are too closely related genetically for grafting incompatibility to be possible (the presence of pubescence or lack thereof is governed by a single gene). Grafts can die for a variety of reasons. Most often some branches just loose competition for light and nutrients, and sometime the loser happens to be a graft.


I hear you. I have ruled out other causes before arriving to this conclusion. Maybe, you and others could help me figure out what happened. Here’s the story:

2016 I made 3 Arctic Star grafts. 2 on the Autumn Star peach tree
( well established, healthy tree). I grafted them far apart but both on good spots on the tree.

The 3rd graft was radted on a smaller Easternglo nectarine tree. It’s on a lower branch, not as goodposition as the one on the peach tree.
All 3 grafts took.

2017 the two grafts on the peach tree grew very well at least 4 ft tall and both flowered and fruited. The one on the nectarine tree did not grow as much and did not flower.

In the spring of 2017, there was a few days that temp in March was colder than a few days in Feb. ( lost all apricots)

2018, one of the two on the peach tree had a few leaves that leafed out but, by late spring, the whole thing was a goner. The remaining graft flowered and fruit but its vigor seemed slow down.

The graft on the nectarine flowered and fruit.
2018 winter was not detrimental to any fruit. I even had apricots.

2019 the remaing graft on a peach tree had few leaves. It is dying. (No surprise this time)

The graft on the nectarine flowered and is setting fruit. No sign of impending death.
2019 winter was very good. No temp fluctuation at all.

I removed the grafted that died in 2018. I will remove the dying one this year. I took pics of the dying one. I think the graft union looked good ( the one I removed looked very good, too). Almost nothing leafed out above the graft union. The branch diameter is almost an inch. Grew well last year.

I concluded that it got to be graft incompatibility. However, I am all ears if others share their thought. I definitely want to find out what went wrong,


First flowers on one of my young pitanga trees…

Last pawpaw flower… beautifull!


My Avocado trees…



Stewart plants

This one died to the ground and resprout. I will use to graft with several diferent varieties…


My blackberries…


I’m SSSSSOOOOOOO HAPYYYYY!!! :grinning::grinning::grinning:

My inga vulpina just flowered for the first time and already have fruits!!! This is a very very rare tree from Brazil rain forest! Huge achivement for me because it’s on ground for years now! I will post photos soon…


Inga vulpina flower and small fruits

Inga vulpina tree


My tamatillo trees full of flowers


I just found ettinger avocados on the market. I buy some to plant the seeds… untill now i have stewart, ettinger and sir prize seeds growing. Hope to have more cold hardy varieties soon!