My small fruit tree orchard



Love all of these great pics @Luisport :+1:


Thank you very much! I tought people don’t like it much…



I try and keep up with the posts and threads around here but sometimes I get overwhelmed and miss a lot of things :man_facepalming: :wink:


No problem! I’m glad i have some friends here! :blush:


Looks great!


Your mediterranean friend here is also jealously enjoying your posts :slight_smile:


Where are you? What country?
Thank’s! :smile:


Tunisia. It’s already hot and dry this time of the year.


Pepino melon (Solanum muricatum) fruits…


Ha, but it’s great to grow, things like bananas, passiofruits, avocados, guavas and anonnacea… :grin:


I want to have papaya trees because i want to use it as fruit and vegetable… :blush:


I’m trying to get there, the salt isn’t helping :slight_smile: Figs and olives are thriving.


LOL! Figs and olives are easy… i didn’t know you have salt problems… and citrus?


Citrus is also thriving up north, I’m in center where it starts to get a bit arid and salty, hence mangos aren’t happy either :smiley: The problem is more in the irrigation water rather than in the soil.


You make chemical correction to whater?


I’m all ears! I try to help with collected rain water when plants are really sensitive such as mangos but otherwise, they better adapt :smiley: During wet months everything thrives!


What about doing hugulkulture and planting logs and trees under the citrus or near it underground to create reservoirs to hold the water from the wet season longer into the dry season. Can you do woodchips or mulches to conserve more water?

Im glad papaya leaves are good for stuff luis, It may be one of my least favorite fruits. For tropical fruit salad Its like the peanut diluting all the amazing walnuts hazelnuts and pecans.


Thank’s! Regarding papaya i know in Asia countries they use green fruits to cook like they do with green mangos. But i like the idea of using leaves and fruit… that’s great they do so well to us.


My banana plant is not happy… very skiny leaves. :confused: