My small fruit tree orchard





Those don’t look like the Jonagold I’ve seen. I’d expect at least some red striping.


Hi! This tree was planted on pot and on shadow… she didn’t take any direct sun…
But i think i buyed wrong labeled.


My breakfast today… :yum::yum::yum:


I recognize that handwriting, Brad is a cool guy! But do you have friends at Alfândega? :smiley:


WOW! You nailed it! Yes, Brad is a great friend…
No i don’t have any friend in alfândega, but usualy i don’t have problems to get things from California… but this time he send it on 23th May and just arrived now, but the cuttings are very well! Impressive!


I’m happy for you, one even started rooting already!!! Don’t be disappointed if they take a very longtime to show any new growth, it’s just getting cold but it will happen. Rot is what you need to be worried the most at this point.


It’s not my first time with dragon fruit cuttings. I lost many some winters ago when they get very cold temp… now i plant them on more protected area…


For the one time I thought I was growing something that you haven’t yet :smiley:


Well i don’t have dragon fruits yet… :grin:
I don’t have papaya, mangos, guavas, lychees… :wink:


A greenhouse may be required if you wanna go in that direction.


I will grow just what i can grow outside… i’m exploring the protected parts of my property to those less cold hardy species…


More fruit picking…


is 100kmh or 60 mph wind rare for you? We regularly get that and yearly get up to 100 mph or 160 kmh winds here. I also do not think i live in the windy part since i have been to wyoming :joy: and i would literally plant trees at a 45 degree angle there


LOL! Yes. Our climate is really good. It’s very rare we get a strong storm more than +130Km/h. Our max record wind gust is 180Km/h. On contrary in Azores they can get Cat1-2 hurricanes…


Yeah i never realized how calm weather you guys have comparitively.

At the top of the rockies we have recorded 200 mph / 320 kmh winds but in many parts of colorado you only get wind from one direction (minus microbursts and such) because of the mountains.


Geeezzz! That’s totaly crazy for me… Yes our weather is really great. We just can’t grow tropical species that can’t stand -1/-2C. The summer is very hot and dry…


Torta with araça jam… :yum: