My string thing

sMy string thing
I use a lot of string for tying things in the garden etc.
Small rolls are handy ,but expensive.
Large rolls more affordable, but to big to luge around.
I took this wire spool, put all thread through it.
On one end I made a handle out of a garden hose.
The other fits in my drill.
I buy bailers twine , cheep for how much it costs per ft.
And use the drill to spin ,and load up the spool from the large roll of bailers twine.
Added a removable stiff wire to hang it on my belt when I want.
I like it .


Great tip

Now THAT is a great idea! I sometimes buy poly twine in those big boxes because its cheaper, but it is a huge pain to deal with in that form. I may try this.

We put the bailer twine in a bucket and lug the bucket around


Bailer twine in a bucket is very heavy, and inconvenient for many jobs.
I find this size very convenient,
With the belt wire removed, tye one end off on a trellis and the spool can easily be woven in and out of plants etc.
depends on the application.

Yeah, it’s heavy