My style of adding new citrus cultivars

This is how I T-bud citruses on older trees for multi-grafting purposes, I reinforce them with rubber bands (it is different when you’re grafting young seedling stocks). I double wrap the T-junction, skip over the eye of the bud and continue to wrap the remaining portion with the rubber band and then wrap with parafilm. I don’t take out the parafilm, the bud can push through it. Make sure to stretch out the parafilm tape when you’re wrapping. I take out the rubber band much later, after about a couple of months or it falls off on its own, whatever comes first. If you leave the rubber band, it will fall off eventually.

Using rubber band has prevented the bark flaps from warping and unfolding which will sometimes kill the buds later even after it has taken. This is especially true for T-budding on big stems. I also make the cut of the scion bud bigger and longer depending upon how thick the stem of the stock is. The goal is that when you insert the bud, it should be protruding outside, not swallowed by thick bark flaps of the stock.

I now do a combo bark-graft or z-graft along with a T-bud. This has insured me of adding a new cultivar successfully every time. Oftentimes both the bark graft and the T-bud would take. Seldom that either one of them fail, and almost no chance for both of them to fail together.


Thank you for sharing the photos and explanation!

What varieties are these?

I could not match the pics to the labels, I may have to go back and read them. But this tree currently has the following citruses: Moro Blood Orange, Tarocco #7 Blood Orange, Cara-Cara Navel, California Rojo, Nagami Kumquat, Centennial Variegated Kumquat, W. Murcott Mandarin, Reinking Pomelo, Sarawak Pomelo, Thong Dee Pomelo, Big Ed Grapefruit x Orange Hybrid, Variegated Grapefruit, Bearss Lime, Seedless Lemon, Limonero Fino, Buddha’s Hand, Limoa, Fransawee.


JoeReal, where did you get scions for Big Ed Grapefruit x Orange Hybrid? Dont see it at CCPP