My summer garlic

planted these this spring as 13 left over cloves harvested in july 2020 that started to sprout. Georgia fire. placed them under my trees by pulling the 5in. of mulch back and setting them on top of the soil then burying them in woodchips in late april. i harvested them in mid oct. and couldnt believe the size. i expected them to be like a onion instead of individual cloves because they were stored indoors but no they were huge solid cloves and hot as hell fresh . most cloves as big as most whole bulbs ive planted out in fall and harvested in mid summer. i didnt fertilize them at all and as you can see by the whole bulb i should have harvested them earlier. i pickled most and dried the rest.


Wow! I’m surprised they stayed green that long and didn’t die off late summer. They look great!

they looked ratty after mid sept. its when i probably should have harvested but ive never got summer grown garlic to grow a third as large as this in one season. im going to do this next spring in the woodchips again. it may be my new way to grow garlic. dont think it would work for fall planting as the bulb is on top of the soil and would be killed by the cold.

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If you can repeat it I would try it again. My cloves were really big too this year. Not sure if it was just the variety or something else.

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