My trees came in today from Bay Laurel nursery

I’ve got a rookie question, why? Because I’m a rookie! Lol
Several of the trees are already budding and I’m wondering if it’s ok to give them a good spraying of copper (Kocide 3000) ?
Thanks Tim

What kind if trees did you ordered?


The tree in the picture that’s flowering is a mid-pride peach. But about half of the trees are pushing buds.
The Red Baron & double jewel peach are trying to flower.

Hi Tim,

I’d follow the label directions from Kocide. For Peach/Nectarine as an example, it mentions spraying at “pink bud” to control PLC, Shot hole and Blossom rot. So I’d spray them now at the recommended rates.

Thanks bleedingdirt, that’s what I’ll do in the morning.

Whew! Thats an instant orchard! How great, I’m sure they’ll all take too! :cherry_blossom:

That’s a lot of digging.

It’s a labor of love, I’m sure

YES!!! Lots of digging is right. I planted all of them as soon as They got here. It took me about 4 hours nonstop. I feel like someone beat me with a bat…
I won’t have any problems falling asleep tonight!!


Sweetdill, can I get a loan from you ?


Mrsg47… I sure hope they all take…
I’m also waiting on two Nadia’s , two spring satin’s, Stella cherry,another Craig’s Crimson cherry, cot-n-candy aprium to come in.
I’m going to be busy…

I’d lend you a few bucks , but after that order and the ten or eleven I already bought locally, plus the other nine I’m waiting on to come in… I’M TAPPED OUT!!!
My credit card is smokin’ right about now…and I’m getting some pretty mean looks from my wife right now​:eyes::money_mouth_face:

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Just wait until you ask her to “make me a fruit salad, honey” then it will go one way or the other.


OH… And my wife doesn’t even like fruit !!! Haha
I’m in trouble…

You must have great soil. Takes me 30 minutes per tree in my soil.

organic matter year in and year out, makes a healthy and pliable soil

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I had all of my mounds built already, just had to use a post hole digger to hollow out the centers.
If not it would have taken me a few days.

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Bay Laurel has trouble getting their trees dormant. Still, the best trees I ever ordered were Bay Laurel.

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Does anyone knows Bay Laurel’s email?