My turn

OK, so its a very low-res photo (thanks Galaxy 5 phone) and the tree itself is small and may be “mis-pruned”, but I just wanted to show how crazy the weather and trees are here this year. I understand that March 9 is normal bloom time for many of you, but I assure you that here on the zone 7a/6b area of TN/KY, it is almost a full month earlier than this and my other trees usually bloom, but this one has already opened a couple flowers and the rest are close behind.

This is a Spring Satin Pluot.


Yes a bad year for possible late freezes darn! Here in zone 5b/6a, I’m seeing swelling of buds. I may have to cover the trees and put a heat source in at some point.

You may be a few days ahead of me. I also have a Spring Satin, but it is young and only has a few unopened flower buds. My earliest bloomer, Red Haven peach, just started opening flower buds yesterday. I have three plum trees that will probably have some buds open when I get home today.

Yes, I’m also worried about late freezes. These same trees seem to get hit with late freezes every year, anyway. Looks like we’re in for a cool down at the end of next week. Currently showing in the 30s next weekend, with a low of 36 on Saturday. Of course, that’s a long way off, so I’m sure things will change. Hopefully, we wont have any hard freezes that get into the 20s.

Its always really interesting hearing reports from you, Rob, since you are the only one very close to me. I find it very interesting that your red haven peaches are usually your first bloomers! My Spring Satin and Methley plum bloom as much as a week or more before my red haven peaches. Other plums come in between them. Interesting. Fingers crossed on freezes!