Mydas Fly

Was out picking blackberries and heard an usually loud insect buzzing and turned around to see one of these things flying low and landing on the woodchips. I thought it was a large wasp/hornet as it looked to be stinging something in the ground but as I watched it it looked more and more like a fly that was laying eggs in the midst of the wood chips.

Some internet sleuthing later and found that it was a Mydas Fly. Apparently there is debate if the adults are predators or feed on nectar/pollen but apparently the larva as especially beneficial in the garden as they feed on grubs for 2 years in the ground, especially beetle grubs.

Not my picture. I wish I had my phone on me at the time but the thing was HUGE



Very cool!

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There’s no way I would touch that thing

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Not sure I would either (again, not my picture) - it isn’t shown in that picture but it has a single bright orange band of color in the middle of its body underneath the wings that makes it even more menacing


^many species, curiously, none with a common name.

The Mydas fly pictured above may be the tropical G. heros, as the largest US Mydas fly is only 30mm, just over an inch.

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