Myrobalan 29C

For anyone curious about what Myrobalan 29C fruits are like, here you go. I had a graft that died so just let the rootstock grow out for a few years to see what it would produce. And the fruits aren’t bad, actually. They’re grossly bitter unless allowed to fully ripen, at which point they have a very “fruit punch” flavor. Pretty much exactly like what you’d get from a generic jukebox flavor. This isn’t really a recommendation since I think there are a lot of way better plums out there (Lavina, Purple Heart, Hildreth, etc.), but not bad. It’s a great rootstock too!


When you say “bitter” do you actually mean bitter or do you mean “sour”? Bitter would surprise me for a plum, sour would not.

Examples: Lemon=sour, grapefruit=sweet/sour+mild bitter, dandelion greens=bitter

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Bitter. And yeah, it was unexpected and weird.

That’s cool to note. Going from bitter to fruit punch is a nice transition. Thanks for sharing this info. I’m always eager to learn what types of fruit would be produced on various root-stocks if left ungrafted!

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