*Mysterious* Acorn Cap Looking Hatch Nest

Bring me up to speed.



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Looks like a monarch chrysalis that has been parasitized and or bird pecked


There are lots of butterfly/moth chrysalis that have that same shape. Not sure about the color, if it is rotten or if that species just has dark coloring.

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Thank you. I didn’t want to get bit by a black widow or some crazy & totally unparalleled situation where another species took up residence. I did wonder if an acorn cap was used to start the chrysalis. That would seem pretty far fetched though.

Naw, that’s just the normal chyrsalis shape. The color suggests to me that something killed it before the shell was broken and the inside eaten, though. Ones I’ve seen that hatched were much lighter in color.


Absolutely a monarch chrysalis. I have 7 or 8 of those on my house right now, all laid shortly before frost hit. Most are still sealed. Pretty sad.

Yeah, I just don’t know enough.