Mysterious Jalapeños death

Hello all
My jalapeños started randomly dying in a very weird way within days. I outline the problem in this video. Any information would be helpful, thank you:

Only disease I can think about doing such damage would be bacterial wilt, but I don’t think it is the case, your peppers’ leaves do not wilt, they look burned. Looking at amount of fertilizer you added, I would say it is fertilizer burn. Why some affected and some not - I am not really sure. May be just a certain conditions of the roots or soil under affected plants made it worse. I would try to remove the fertilizer from healthy plants.

Pull the dead ones up and see what their roots are like.

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I would pull just one for beginning, if roots look OK keep the rest in the ground. I had experience with pepper plants almost completely defoliated due to a wrong spray, and then grew all new leaves and produced whole summer long.

Thank you. What should I look for on the roots?

First of all if they are still there, they may rot out. Then note the color, the firmness, then you can split along the stem to see if it is dark inside near root crown - this may indicate bacterial wilt.