Mystery blackberry bush: Kiowa or Black Magic?

I have a three year planted thorned upright growing blackberry bush that I originally thought was a Kiowa. Before moving I dig up and planted a bunch of my blackberry primocanes in pots and transplanted them at my new home three years ago.
This one particular bush took off and grew like crazy, so I assumed it was the Kiowa. But I noticed when I went to prune out this year’s dried up “dead and spent” flouricanes, there were several new growths and new blossoms forming on the “dead” branches.
I did bring over a Black Magic 3 years ago too, but I thought it died. Could it be a fluke due to all of the rain this summer or have I been wrong about it being a Kiowa? I thought the Black Magic bloomed on primocanes once in spring then once when they became the next year’s flouricanes. This bush has never bloomed on primocanes. It produced pretty large berries.
Anyone have any ideas?