Mystery blueberry pest?

I’m building a new cage around my 10 blueberry bushes and noticed a round hard growth on the tip of one of my bluberry branch. Opened it up and it had maybe 5 or more little maggot looking things in it. Any clue?

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Could be a Praying Mantiss egg case, good guys in the garden.

I hope not.

Not really, they love beneficial insects too.

There is a Blueberry Maggot.They look too big to be SWD. Brady

Casing doesn’t seem to match praying mantis ones. Small chambers look different.

Looks like Hemadas nubilipennis, the blueberry stem gall wasp, is a good match.


That’s it thank you!

So what can you do about it?

Thanks for sharing the picture.

I only found the one on all of my bushes so not much of a worry for me. I’m glad it’s not something worse my bluberry are the least work in my barden and I want it to stay that way.

Yeah mine too, I love them! Well my figs are not much work either, once I got them going.

I was just out today and saw several that I think are from Preying Mantis. Does anyone have a good way to ID them?

Here’s one from a Gooseberry. I saw another much higher up a peach, and I think I remember one on the blackberries the other day.

That looks Like a praying mantis casing. Mine is definitely the other.

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