N-pHuric 15/49 irrigation acidifier

Anyone using N-pHuric 15/49 for pH control in irrigation water?

I picked up three 5-gallon containers yesterday. The supplier stocks it in 300-gallon palletized totes but has a license to distribute it in 5 and 55 gallon drums. Having done a little math and comparison with other growers in the area it appears that 1 gallon for every 5,000 gallons of municipal water will drop the pH from 7 to about 6. If that holds true then I’d use about one 55 gallon drum per year. I’ll be testing it from here into at least spring. The local cost is $3.50/gallon.

N-pHuric 15-49 label.pdf (283.8 KB)


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Here goes the first application … one gallon each in the two left hand tanks and the remaining 3 gallons in an unseen tank to the right. :slight_smile:

N-pHuric application 2017-12-27

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Can this be used as a foliar spray to feed (nitrogen) and as a fungicide ( sulfur) to kill 2 birds


Interesting product I just found the data sheet here https://fluidfertilizer.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Richard-DeSousa-N-pHuric-Basics.pdf thankfully though I don’t have high pH or hard water here in western Louisiana, my well water has a pH of about 5.8 - 5.9 and calcium hardness of 60-70 ppm depending on time of year. I found the national map of water hardness ranges in the data sheet particularly informative.


I don’t have any experience with foliar sulfur as copper is a better choice in my region. The product is registered as a fungicide but I have not seen dosage information for foliar use. Perhaps someone can determine a dosage rate for foliar application of sulfuric acid.

Hello Richard, I am using nphuric 15/49 in cling peaches in Yuba City California. Our water ph is 7.7 and is very high in bicarbonate. We used it last year as well with limited success. We are injecting it at 15gpa through irrigation system and micro sprinklers. Our application is more a ground treatment as I do not have equipment to do continued irrigation water acidification

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