Nadia Sweet cherry x plum hybrid


May be in November or later I will give out some scions of long-stem Nadia to you if you interesting. And make sure it is not against the patent laws.
Just wait for another while until I have a chance to taste fully ripped and report first.


I believe sports are not covered by the patent.


I might have nectarine x apricot hybrids this year, so yeah, we could trade scions.


The most overrated fruit in the history of mankind.


Natasha…that is great Drew! Man this damn tree just doesn’t want to get out of the limelight!


Yes, i will PM you about it.


I don’t know? It may be covered, but since we all have trees and are not propagating. (any sport of Nadia is going on Nadia) If mine stays red, it’s not covered, but the stem size is, in the patent, so the long stem may be covered by the patent.
I decided I’m not going to try and patent anything, I’m just too old, if I was you, i would highly consider it. But it needs to be a proven winner, it costs too much otherwise.Trade marking is a good alternative.

Brady those fruit look magnificent. Mine is rather beat up, the color is cool, and you know it does look different than mine.


I will give out scions to all of you, just message me your address, I do not need to trade anything just like everyone have long stems one to share experience that all. Thank you Drew for information how to cut scions. Just call it Vincent’s Nadia. Hihi.


Still not ready yet.

It tastes much better sweet and sour acid balance with juicy crunchy meat I feel like it. No cherry flavor yet.


Yours look like a cherry.


The birds knocked my big one off today. I decided to counter ripen it, but while in my pocket doing yard work, I squished it a bit. It is not fully ripe. I decided to eat it since I damaged it. The skin was very tart, the flesh was fabulous. What a nice taste, and yeah I can taste cherry myself, it doesn’t taste anything like the plums I have had. True, I have limited experience with different plums. It was really good. I’m thinking jam, fermenting the fruit, etc. The flesh was sweet even though not fully ripe, it was close, maybe a week away. I guess if I usually ate the best of the best I would not think much of it, but for me it’s a clear winner. Those terrible plums they sell, so suck compared to this. OK that was a very pleasant surprise.


If you have enough fruit, make a small batch of jam. The flavor has a hint to strawberry too.


Finally it’s done after 27 days delayed for the new acre place and get the keys tomorrow, so excited!


Today I found Nadia to be soft to the touch, so I removed bags and it is definitely ripe.

The smaller damaged fruit was mostly sweet and I could taste cherry in it. The larger one had tartness near the skin and it tasted more like plum. I would say it is a good plum regardless the cherry taste or not. It would be good to compare it with different varieties of red fleshed plums side by side but my selection is limited this year. It is definitely way better than Beauty plum and I liked it more than the store bought Very Cherry plums which were simply sweet and smaller.


I got back from vacation last week and my Nadia got chomped down by Japanese beetles. I saw some green tip today. Hopefully, it will get over the set back.



No good deed goes unpunished, I swear! All of the insects, rabbits snd deer all know the minute we leave for the super market!


I wonder what would Nadia looked liked if the Supreme cherry was used as the seed parent?


One of my Nadia tree the fruits gone might be squirrels took them. The other one her fruits hidden underneath the leaves and her position closer to the house. I had to picked some in today. They are still unripe so I will wait for a few more days to taste them again.


Those look a lot more like a cherry than the short stem version. I would love to graft that to my Nadia long stem this winter. Would you like to trade scion wood this winter? I have some really good fruit varieties you may be interested in. Hope you enjoy, they look great!


Just message your address and when would you like to send out. Maybe from Nov to Mar. I will send it to you. I do not need any scions Jon.