Nadia Sweet cherry x plum hybrid


I may try this with my Meyer Lemon and if the thing(doesn’t even look like a plant any more) revives,I’ll be singing your praises. Brady


Hey Brady,
The article Drew posted showed the importance of air in the pot as a nutrient. I’ve given that notion a ‘nod’ but after reading that will consider air as important as NPK. :wink:
Years ago I got a load of the best looking potting soil ever. About the same time I’d begun my many iterations of worm bin designs to avoid having to haul manure, ugh. Everything I’d potted in that beautiful potting soil went into a suspended state of animation - just stalled - didn’t die - didn’t grow - despite my doting on it, trace minerals and soluble ferts etc. Intuited then designed kikapoo joy juice (still makes me laugh) and things came to life.
My interpretation of this and many other data is that microbial imbalance can stunt growth and eventually kill a potted plant. Wood chips/pine bark fines, potting soil, are fungal food, i.e. the majority of breaking down is done by the mycelial forms you see under wood chips. On the other hand, animal products feed the bacterial forms. (It’s another interpretation of the C/N ratio) I know some folks aerate vermicompost tea to grow the aerobes but I have found the anerobes are equally important BUT it is more important to keep it moist - not dried like found in garden centers, in order to keep most cultures active.
And one day I plan to have a Meyer Lemon too. :grinning:


I’m going to try your joy juice on some stalled figs I have. I happen to have all the contents on hand. It can’t hurt either.


I think you could save your Nadia plum by removing from the pot and plant her to the ground.


I’m excited! :smile: I usually see results in about 1-2 weeks.
The milk need not be raw but should be fresh and not cultured. I think the milk feeds some important strains found in the vermicompost - or in any soil, as evidenced by the many reports of its efficacy in gardens, say.


Hi, Vincent. Welcome to the forum! There is a thread called Introducing Myself to Scott’s Forum where you can introduce yourself and allow us to give you a more hardy official welcome. You don’t have to read the entire thread to get to the bottom. It’s easiest to just reply to the first post or use the little indicator on the bottom right of the screen to take you directly to the end of the thread. We look forward to hearing more about you and your fruit growing interests!


Hello to all fruit growing Friends. My name is Vincent, from Seattle, I’m very interesting about
growing fruit tree, and very happy to join with all of you to share fruit tree growing experience.


Then this is a great forum for you to join in. Some experienced members are near you and understand the area growing conditions well. Glad to meet you.


Yes, Thank you so much.


I don’t have any room left for inground plants.


My friend’s Nadia will be shipped in about 3 to 4 weeks, according to Raintree Nursery.


Mine will bloom in about 3 weeks although I’m shaping it now, and cut off a lot of fruiting wood. I should get some flowers, maybe a taste of the fruit, and maybe not? it doesn’t matter. It survived the winter, and looks great, all I can ask for.
Next year I’ll have more plum trees flowering and a better chance of fruit set.


What was your low this winter? I’m still unsure of planting mine in the ground or in a pot…


Got mine in a pot. Didn’t want to take a huge risk with this tree. Here is what it looked like this afternoon.

Let me know what you think.


Looks great!


Thanks!! Not that bad looking for being in zone 5. :slightly_smiling:


yes, looks cool!

Only about 15F, it can get down to -15F so all i can say it didn’t have a problem with 15F.
All my borderline plants, blueberries, blackberries all survived this year. Harvest is going to be good. Some damage to blueberries from being in the garage and growing out too soon, oh well. Next year I’ll try something else. All my figs did really well in the garage, currants and gooseberries in pots too. I should have a very nice harvest of all kinds of fruits this year. Why if I get nothing from Nadia, I’ll still be happy. Plenty of peaches, nectarines, and pluots too. Lot’s of first time fruits too, I can’t wait! I have a number of new plants to baby too. Black currants, elderberries etc.


You’re going to be loaded…do you have a pollinator close by>>? This was from last years order? What size pot?

15F? wow…mild winter. I hit -12F a few times and i thought that was “warm”…lol


Polinators that i have would be Sweet Treet, Dapple Supreme, Flavor King, and Flavor Supreme. The last 2 i don’t think will overlap and Dapple Supreme is already blooming out.


Yes, last year’s order. Came in around 1/2 inch caliper. 15 gallon soft side.