Nadia Sweet cherry x plum hybrid


One on the way here to zone 5. We will test it’s hardiness. Tried many hardy sweets here and all are now dead. Maybe the plum part will make it more resistant.



Where in zone 5? West, Midwest, or East?

I’m in the Midwest… wonder if mine will be on it’s way?

Edit: looks like mine is coming in early April. Looking at the extended forecast they are predicting high 60’s by then.


One coming here as well. I am right in the middle of zone 5a/5b and can’t decide if I should pot it or put it in the ground and see what happens. Thinking about picking up another as an experiment to pot one and put the other in the ground. How are other zone 5’ers approaching this?


15 gallon soft side for me. 5-1-1 mix.


I am on the eastern coast of Maine. Harsh weather and has been down very close to -20 at least 3 times this year and lots of times -14 or so. The cool summers make for slow growing also. Plums and Montmorency grow here quite well despite the rampant disease and insect pressure from wild stocks. I hope they ship my Nadia late.


Raintree ships are the proper time, if anything you’ll get it late.


Yup…Raintree always seems to be the last for me. I’ve actually told them to ship it sooner…not sure if they will.


Bradybb, what size pot is that and do you intend to containerize yours? I got mine yesterday Beautiful specimen and got it in a 15 inch diameter pot. I will have to put in a larger pot but it is breaking out of dormancy so may be better to wait till this fall? (I dont have a 10gal pot at the moment)


They will ship sooner if you ask them but they will email you to inform you that shipping cost would be higher and you would have to waiver their guarantee. They have set dates and zone trucks for each zone. I am in zone 6 and it was supp to be leaving on april 10th but got pushed back by a wk.


I’m still waiting for my tree, should be May 1st, which is about right for here, we had a heavy frost last night, well a freeze at 29F. Winter will not let go. My tomatoes are so huge, I need to get them in the ground, but not till the end of next week…maybe.


It’s probably a 20-25 gallon pot.Right now,I’m keeping the tree in that container in a hoop house at work and after fruiting and I like the taste,there maybe an empty space at home. Brady


I put mine in a 15 gallon soft side. I’ll take a pic of it ever stops raining.


Wow! Puts me to shame! Just dont have the room for 20-25gal pots :frowning:


Hey, Everyone! Post pictures of your nadias


Here’s my second one!


My Nadia cherry plum. Pruned and planted in the ground. I think it is a vigorous tree, so the care should be taken to promote good branching system.


Here is a photo of the Nadia I have,that was picked up at a local nursery.
So weatherman,yours may have fruit this year? Brady


Mine is in the ground and hacked backs to nubs. It was a pretty decent sized tree with several scaffolds. All in all I think it will make a decent shaped tree even if I don’t like the fruit.


Both produced flowers, but no stigmas. Only one had a stigma, so I pollinated it with flavor grenade pollen, but the flower fell off due to the wind.


@Bradybb that is a nice specimen U have there! If it flowers, I gather U will take it off? I know you have it in a huge pot. Mine is in 7gal I think. I hope it is OK.

Here is my Nadia, not a good picture.

I have a question, I am going to get a different dirt today, maybe tomorrow, Do you think it is OK to repot. It is about to come out of dormancy. thanks!