Nail biting time 2021 - z5b ny

Here we go again.
I am in Z5b NY about 35 miles south of Albany.

The temps this coming week will hit 60 degrees and remain above freezing overnigh. By comparison, today (3/5/21) thru Monday (3/8/21) the daily ranges will be 15-27, 13-25, 14-29, 27-41.

Last frost date here in early May but I am more worried about mid-April as that is the most dangerous time here, for me at least



It is going to be 70s here in Omaha the next 3 days or so. Last day of frost here is usually Mother’s day. Fingers crossed.

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By Wed. the day temperature reachs 70 and night temperature in mid 50s, trees will wake up. I hope the weatherman won’t add couple more days like this next week.

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Your and my weather is similar. 4 day of high over 50 and low above 32 is concerning indeed.

@tonyOmahaz5 and @IL847 , so far, our highest temp next Wed would be 62. I hope it would not get as high as yours.

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As long as the lower temperature stays below 32, I don’t worry about the trees wake up, this situation lasts till Sunday. Following 3~4 days of 70/60~50/40 really worries me

Three or four days of 60/40 next week isn’t worrying me. But it might if the week after fails to drop below 32. Still, so long as apples don’t bloom before April 10 or so, we are likely OK in Kentucky.
Last year was about the worst, or the second worst I’d ever seen. Warm January, apples blooming in late March and down below 20 twice in April and below 25 in May.
This year, only callery pears appear to have broken dormancy. But, seeing a apple bud here and there that is swollen a little.

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