Name the pluot

Does anyone know the name of this pluot or plum? It is red inside. Greetings


A photo of a cut ripe fruit would help.

They are still green and immature. I’ll put it when they mature. Thank you

A good page for appearance comparison.


I was actually just munching mine. I would say dapple supreme. It is the combination of dapple dandy and flavor supreme. Some are ripe here already in Sacramento Zone 9b.

I have the dapple dandy and the flavor supreme in older trees. I would say that they are not. The f. Supreme produces little because I only have 200 cold hours. This is a graft on a branch and it has a lot of fruit.

Oh I didn’t mean dapple dandy or flavor supreme I mentioned dapple supreme, they are red in the inside also when ripe. They are a hit at home.

the dapple supreme I am harvesting now and they are good.

It could be a satsuma plum. It looks similar on the outside to the way my satsuma plum looks. And Satsuma is red on the inside as well. Mine usually ripen in August on the central coast of California.

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Ah ok my bad it really looked like my dapple supreme.

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Raul, it seems strange to me two Spaniards speaking in English hahahaha.
I perfectly recognize that variety ( can be two varieties depending on the size of the fruit).

Greg hit the nail on the head

  • If the fruit is small-medium in size, it is the Satsuma variety.

  • If the fruit is large, the variety is Mariposa (improved Satsuma)

I will take some photographs of my Satsuma and Mariposa plums , and we can compare ( I know that you are at least 15 days ahead of me , in terms of ripeness , due to your climatic conditions ) .


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hello Jose
can be a mariposa, satsuma never graft it, mariposa yes.
thank you

So you grafted it but don’t remember what you grafted?

The plate that I put with a number was lost and then it was produced for the first time.

My God My God It is necessary to update, for that we have the current good technology (cheap).

I tell you my experiences

  • At the beginning I used labels on the trees in my orchard, which with the passage of time deteriorated, and I could no longer know the name of the variety of the fruit trees (this technique is rubbish).

  • With the passage of time, I computerized my orchard , ordering it by:
    fruit line number, and position number of the tree in said fruit line.
    So I created Word documents, with the number of the fruit line, and the numerical order of the trees, each one with its name.
    But this has a drawback, since when regrafting a tree, or after the death of a tree and replacement by another variety, I had to correct the Word documents.
    It’s a good system, but the next one is much better.

  • As I have a handheld GPS, with GRID or In Reach technology, its precision is centimeters, so the “waypoints” of each tree are simply marked with the name of the variety (and if we also want the rootstock).
    We carry the GPS in our pocket when we go to the orchard, and we will know exactly what variety each tree is, and I can modify data instantly if is necessary.

It is the best of the best.

But it has to be with GPS that they have GRID or In Reach technology, whose precision is centimeters.



That should be fine if each tree is of a variety, but if due to lack of space you put three or four in each tree, I don’t know if it will give the same result.