Name this mislabeled peach

I impulse bought this tree about 4 leaves ago from a local garden center. I don’t usually like to do that but here I am. The label was aMonroe peach but it’s not a Monroe to me. It’s maybe Indian Cling type. Someone venture to guess? I’m wondering when this will be ready zone 6. I harvested my PF’s already. These mystery peaches are small though and look like they have a long way to go. This tree is very strong and does not have disease or anything. It’s in good sun and fair soil. On another note my PF’s are great. I have a ton of peaches this year. My mini backyard orchard is maturing. !!!


They look just like Indian Cling…


@scottfsmith nailed it . As your aware if the flesh is red its an indian blood peach for sure. You will know very soon.

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