Nanny Berry (Nannyberry?) Viburnum. Trying something for my shade

Has anyone grown this before? I have an unfilled, obvious spot in my orchard that will be much too shady in a few years, so I decided on giving nannyberry a go. I’ll prune it to look more like an orchard tree and see if the fruits are good for anything. If not, the birds will surely like it. I have a ton of birds already, so it wouldn’t be attracting anything new, lol.

I’d love to hear if anyone knows about this shrub/tree. I already have a little plant of it that came in and is doing well. It’s supposed to have small, seedy fruit, but they taste of spice, so it might be nice! I love using fruit for sauces, and these may do for that.

Generally Viburnums will grow in the shade, but fruiting is minimal at best. I’ve never tasted one that is remotely palatable (though I don’t think I’ve tasted nannyberry).

Ah, well, that is certainly the problem with anything in this spot, lol. We’ll see how it turns out. At least I won’t have what looks like a big empty spot in my orchard. The shade is from the very top of two enormous trees that are far away but shade a huge area. It’s sunny in the afternoon now, but it won’t be once my Montmorency gets tall enough to cast much shade :).

Should be fine and I find nannyberry to be quite good with decent size. Haven’t tasted any for a very long time but it was so good I had to find out what it was. Of course, being seedling, maybe there’s considerable variability. Often times wild blueberries around here have tiny, very sour fruit.

I wonder why no one has attempted to breed this one to improve the fruit or the crop to the point of being viably commercial. It is a pretty pest resistant plant.

Hi! I have one 3 year old bush groing well in a dry and shady area of my yard. It didn’t fruit yet. There are some big bushes growing in a park near my home and I noticed they produced lots of berries 2 summers ago (that’s when I noticed them) and almost none last year. Biennial or just a bad year? I don’t know much about the plant. I do love the berries as well, but I find it hard to tell when they are ready (and not overipe).

Wow this sounds perfect for my cottage, and other uncommon shade tolerant fruit out there? I know about the more common ones, Currants, some species of Rubus, some elderberries. Also Cornus Mas, anything else?