'Nansui' Asian pear

This is the first time I’ve tried this fruit. This might be the best pure Asian pear I’ve ever eaten. Great flavor, texture and sweetness. Although this pear was bred in Japan, the fruits I bought were from China. They were being sold at 99 Ranch Market in Sacramento, CA.


Was it Dasui Li that used to be your favorite that you grew? I’m just brainstorming my own brain, lol.


I still love Daisui Li, but it is actually an Asian/European hybrid.


I tried this one before and there was a lot of sweetness and little acidity. It was different compared to others I’ve had. Did you notice the lack of acidity?

I hope Akizuki (秋月)becomes available to us. That one sounds like a good one to grow.

I’m pretty sure it’s a Chinese/Japanese hybrid. Tsu Li x Kikusui.

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Yes, you’re right about the lineage. I was reading about it being a hybrid and I assumed it meant an Asian/European hybrid.

I found this one in Philadelphia but they were sold in large boxes only.

They also had Akizuki. Both of which were grown in China.


11 fruit for $30?

Yes! I did not want to take a chance with them being of poor quality, so I didn’t buy any.

I wouldn’t, either.