Natchez and Oneal

Natchez 003
002Oneal ripe


Looks great! How do you net your blueberries?

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I am currently using a 3/4" pvc frame with bird netting from Tractor Supply. I’m not please with it but it is ok. I plan to come up with a different design and larger size.

Oneal compared to many of my rabbiteyes. The Oneal was picked the very first day it started to darken because it was so near the net a bird would surely get it. The berry was already pretty sweet with only a little tartness. When my RE’s start to turn it is a week before they start to get sweet.

I need to get my nets up too. Blueberries are beginning to color up and a Jay bird was getting territorial on me when I walked by yesterday.

I have some thick wall 1" pvc pipe on hand, I think it should be good for a bird net frame. What do you think Bill?

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I made a cage 5 years ago with American netting net, it’s still good. About 4.5 feet tall, hard to move but works. I do have one blueberry taller and I just throw a net over it, The birds get some berries, I need to build a PVC tunnel over it.


O’Neal has a good flavor out here too … just a bit fussy. :slightly_smiling_face: