Native Persimmon Sexing

Local nursery here has some pretty nice ten foot native persimmons. Problem is they have no idea of sex and they are not grafted. Is there anyway to identify male and female?

Not until the tree flowers. Male is a cluster of three flowers and a female is a single flower


Just curious, this video mentions to look for the clusters to identify males:
but the actual look of the flowers in the above video kinda looks like a female in this video:

In the 2nd video, he implies they have this more round shape with no huge green ‘cap’ at the top.

Do you agree the male flowers in video#1 look like female flowers in video#2?
Curious if he was mistaken about the identification in video#1 or are they both correct and Im missing something as Im trying to identify based on shape as well.

Maybe you have to wait until that white part actually blooms to see it has a more curvy shape?
I say that after reviewing these pics (although its Asian persimmon pics):