Navaho Blackberry - Should I Prune?

I’ve got this Navaho Blackberry that I haven’t been giving enough attention to. It has one sprig that is in its second year (with the red leaves) and two first years. The plant itself is around 5 - 6 years old and I’ve never given it enough love to really grow and I’ve moved a lot.

I’m in Seattle, so in a pretty warm grow zone as far as the winter is concerned, and what I’m wondering is if it’s advisable to prune back the second year growth even though it’s already pretty late in the year, or if I should just wait for next summer.

Any advice you can offer will be wonderful! Thanks!

That particular planting setup will not be productive for blackberries. I would remove the soil and plant intact from the pot and add enough growing mix and mild fertilizer and replant so that at least the soil is deeper. This should be done sometime between November and March, and the second year cane can be pruned off at that time. Then the pot will need regular watering from May through July, and occasional watering through September. The pot base should be removed to improve drainage, just like the black pots with their bottom-holes and no bases. During the growing season, try to locate it where the pot is shaded and the plant is in the sun. Just placing a board against the pot can provide the pot shade.

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Wonderful advice!

Thank you very much!