Navarro Indian peach?

Anyone have any idea what the Navarro Indian peach at Fruitwood is? They list it for scion, and I can’t find anything about it. I am searching for Blood Cling, or Blood Free, or something similar.

Did you email Fruitwood to ask? They are usually pretty responsive.

Alternatively, Burnt Ridge usually has Blood Cling and Blood Free scionwood available for purchase.

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It’s 3 am here, no one there answers questions. I have a bit of time-shift, always ;). I did send a message, I do see that Fruitwood is out of the two Blood peach scion, so this must be -something- else. I already placed an order with Burnt Ridge, hadn’t wanted to alter it just yet, and want other scion from Fruitwood.

Curious if its from this tree.

SO it is similar to Blood peach, which I wanted. Fruitwood is out, I can get from Burnt Ridge, but I already want something from Fruitwood.
What I got via email was
“It is a local heirloom variety from Anderson Valley in northern
CA(Navarro river flows through it). It is said to have been grown by the
natives there first and is supposed to be similar to the Indian/Blood
peaches traditionally grown in the southwest. The speculation is it was
traded for and brought up from there long ago, though there is no hard
proof of this. This is the story I received with the wood from the
collector who gave it to me when visiting down there.”

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If this story is true then wouldnt it grow true to seed? If not then each variant is different than the original…