NC/VA Orchardists

I wish to meet farmers in the NW NC and SW VA areas.

Younger is better to save Limbertwig varieties in your orchards.

PM PLEASE. If you think you will be farming 20 years from now, please contact me.

I am OLD and no time left to regenerate my orchard. I have some very fine varieties to share with you. Or if you are aware of an educational venue that might benefit , please advise.



Try to add a “free apple scions” to the end of your title I think some people from your area might be interested. That’s a thoughtful thing to do for the next generation! Giving them a hand up I hope many take you up on your kind offer. Many of us have huge collections we try to pass on before something happens to us. @39thparallel and I share scionwood here that does well in the midwest. He grows more apples and I grow more pears but there is some overlap on e erything in between and some apples and pears.

I’m thinking of going one better, gifting year old whips at my cost. I have a need to stay in this area, no shipping. And If I make it a few more years, I can go cut scion nearby. Have a garden site that’s been at it 100+ years. I’m the last one.

I gifted Brushy Mtn Jonah Parker 50 pieces of rootstock last week, he’s 94 yrs and was disappointed he waited too late to order, so heck, now he has one more season to make folks here happy again.

I cannot manage an orchard anymore and leased my farm last year. But I can sit libation near by and graft. Right here on top of Moore Mtn is 300 acres of orchard. Don’t walk it like I used to.


I do some of my best thing about 4am. The Limbertwig collection might make an interesting donation to the NCSU Mtn Research Station in Fletcher?

I’'m not in your target audience but would like to see your apple variety list. Do you know about Horne Creek Preservation Farm in NC? I bet they’d be interested in varieties you have that they don’t. Talk to Jason there, I"m also getting the email address of another man in SW VA who will know the young farmers you’re after.

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Hope to remember to finish a list and will drop you a line.

It will take me two-three more years to collect most all, If time sees me through. These are good suggestions, I know this venue, there are three similar in close proximity including this one. And my old big pig farmn’ buddy’s wife works for the state at one of the sites. So I need to give her a call.

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@Appleseed Here’s my friend Ben in far SW VA - who is interested and knows others, has a good network of growers I believe. He hopes to hear from you:

Great seeing interest in Limbertwigs growing. I’ve been doing my small part grafting and selling locally Limbertwigs and a few other heirloom vaieties.

I have really enjoyed my Limbertwigs and have added new graft varieties : Caney fork, Kentucky, Myers Royal, old fashioned, black, brushy mountain. Would always enjoy new varieties at my home in the Shenandoah valley of Virginia.

Beautful place!

Do they have a website and if so is this it?


K… Just checking to see if that was it… You described it as being in “far SW VA” and that’s what got my attention. Where I’m at in TN is close to SW VA and SE KY.

That farm appears to be in Sutherlin VA. Per Google Maps that’s about 250mi away from the most western point of VA, which is Cumberland Gap national park.

By comparison it’s only about 180mi to the Atlantic Ocean from there going due east…

Not your fault, far too many folks around DC and Richmond tend to think the state’s western edge is around Roanoke. They forget that there’s a reasonable amount of Virginia west of there :wink:

Correction: my friend does live near Sutherlin (not Bristol) but is intensely interested in limbertwigs, old/rare varieties and hopes to hear from @Appleseed

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He will. Used to put my boat in the James River near there. BIG smallmouth!

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I’m just about done and have about 50 rootstock to go. I may have some extra scion wood limbertwig and Carlisle Speckledy Golden to gift. It’s in the cooler, will inventory week’s end. Will gift it as a bundle if anyone has some grafting time left.

Have to finish up here to see what’s left. Dang, shouldn’t have lost that bottle cap under the grafting table last nite!